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Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and panic attacks can spoil your life. You are always worrying about things. Sometimes you aren't even sure why you are anxious you just know that you are. Living with these constant worrying thoughts is tiring and stops you from living your life.

Often, when I work with someone who is suffering from excessive anxiety or panic attacks, I'll use cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy. This process is focused on what you want to achieve and can help you change how you think and respond to what is going on in your life.

In Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy terms anxiety is an unhealthy negative emotion which is triggered by an underlying unhealthy belief. 

Anxiety and feeling anxious are generally future related.  In other words, we consistently worry about things going wrong and wondering if something ‘bad’ is going to happen which if it did would be unbearable and awful and it must not or should not happen. 

We might remember other times when awful things happened too which adds to the anxiety.  Our fight or flight response is triggered which means that our heart beats faster, our breathing gets shallower and chemicals, such as adrenaline, are released into our blood stream.

Sometimes we get worried by these physical reactions and get into a vicious cycle that can lead to panic attacks. We then get anxious about having panic attacks that make the situation even worse.

NLP, CBH, hypnotherapy and BWRT® can be used to help with anxiety and panic.  I am using BWRT® more and more to help clients. 

Contact me to make an appointment and receive help for your anxiety and panic. Learn to respond to situations in healthier, more supportive ways for you.

If you are unable to visit me in Newcastle or North Shields then you could always try one of my specially written self-hypnosis mp3s.  These and others may be of help.

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