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Comfort Eating

cake-eaterMost people will turn to food to help themselves feel better. More often than not that reaction will be unconscious and will happen before they realise it. Sometimes though people realise they 'feel' bad or low or stressed and know that they just have to have some chocolate or sweets or crisps. If it only happens occasionally then that isn't likely to cause a problem. If, however, food is your first port of call when you experience these unpleasant thoughts or emotions and you are overweight then you might want some help.

One therapy that is use is cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy it can help identify the underlying issues that are creating the uncomfortable 'feelings'. Those repetitive thoughts, unhelpful beliefs and negative emotions that keep the unhealthy habit, of comfort eating, in place.

I can work with you face to face at one of my clinics or via the phone or skype.

My "How to Stop Eating For Your Emotions and Lose Weight" 6 CD set is designed for those who want help to reduce weight and feel happier in themselves. 




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