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Fear of Speaking in Public

When we think about getting up in front of people to speak our built in protection kicks in.  In the Stone Age and before, when someone was on their own and found themselves confronted by a group of other people, the odds are that it would end in them being killed or hurt in some way.  Their fight or flight response would kick in and they would either run away or defend themselves. 

We have that same reaction when singled out in a group, asked to speak in front of colleagues, deliver a speech at a wedding or conference, or deliver a training session.  At some point we think we are going to be ‘hurt’ or die. Even thinking about giving a talk can trigger that same response.

public speakingIt is normal to experience some nervous reaction but when that becomes too great it can hamper career development.  Many actors need that rush of adrenaline to give their performance an edge, but if it becomes too much they do not perform as well.  That feeling of excited anticipation can help give energy and drive to a talk or presentation, which might be lacking if it was not there.

There are a number of different ways in which I can help with this issue, from teaching breathing and relaxation techniques to desensitisation, to mental preparation and rehearsal.  I might use CBH, NLP, hypnotherapy or BWRT® which can help you feel comfortable and easier when speaking in front of others.

If you have any questions contact me on the contact me page.

If you aren't able to work with me face to face at the Clinic in North Shields or Gosforth, near Newcastle Upon Tyne, you can may find my Speak Confidently In Public mp3 helpful. This audio is designed to help you become more comfortable and calm when thinking about speaking in public as well as giving you help on aspects of speaking such as stance, breathing and pacing.

If stammering is an issue you may find my Stammering and Stuttering - Changing Perceptions audio helpful.

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