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How Does CBH Work

Stage 1

Identify what you are experiencing: this could be a thought, a feeling, a symptom or a type of behaviour.

Stage 2

Identify a specific time when you felt, thought or acted in that way and which part of that event is thetrigger – the worst part.

Stage 3

Identify the unhealthy belief:  which will be a MUST or DEMAND, e.g., “I must not fail my exam”
and may include one or more of the following: 
Believing something is AWFUL, terrible, horrible: e.g. “It would be awful (if I failed my exam)”
Low Frustration Tolerance: which means that you believe that you cannot stand it, it is too painful, e.g. “I couldn’t bear it (if I failed my exam)”
Damning Self or Others: e.g., “I’m a failure (if I fail my exam)”

Identify the healthy belief: which will be a preference and FLEXIBLE, e.g. “I would prefer not to fail my exam but realise that I could” and may include one or more of the following: 
Anti Awfulising: e.g., "It’s bad but not awful”
HIGH FRUSTRATION TOLERANCE:  e.g., “although it’s bad I can stand it”
UNCONDITIONAL SELF AND OTHER ACCEPTANCE: e.g. “just because I fail my exam doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a human being, I accept myself as a fallible human being with strengths and weaknesses"

Stage 4

We then dispute or test your unhealthy and healthy beliefs. This is a process of checking which are ‘true”, logical and helpful.  You will be asked to practice this at home to help strengthen your ‘mental muscles’ around the helpful, supportive beliefs.

Stage 5

We work on helping you integrate the effective new beliefs into your life so you practice thinking and behaving in ways that will support your new belief about yourself.  It is at this stage that clients can feel uncomfortable, as at first they may not fully believe the new belief.  Feelings change last so by practicing the new ways of thinking and behaving you are gradually helping your unconscious mind accept the new belief and so change how you feel about yourself.

We use hypnosis in different ways throughout the sessions from helping you to identify your limiting belief to mentally visualising disputing your new belief to mentally rehearsing your new future behaviours.

To work on one issue or problem requires between 5 – 7 sessions.

CBH is used for low mood, depression, anxietypanicfears and phobiascomfort eatingperformance issues, addictions and unwanted habits.  We can work face to face, via phone or webcam.


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