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How I work with clients

Face to Face Support - I am only offering online therapy sessions

Whatever type of therapy or support you want the format of the sessions is similar. The first session is usually an hour and a half. This allows us to fully explore the issues or problems you want help with and for us to plan how that is going to be provided. We also establish your goals to help keep us on track. If relevant and there is time then clients are taught self-hypnosis in this session.

Subsequent sessions are an hour and we first check any changes and progress since the previous session and decide what to work on in this session.

There will be agreed 'own' work to do between sessions. These will range from practicing your self-hypnosis, reading about specific topics, starting to make changes to old habits or behaviours or keeping a journal. Those people who work on themselves between sessions generally make the quickest progress.

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it depends how you want to work or you can have intensive support which lasts up to three or four hours at a time.

I work from therapy rooms in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and North Shields.


Telephone, skype or web support

The sessions are usually around an hour. Again we'd identify the issues you want to work on and then establish a goal for the sessions. I adapt different therapy interventions to suit telephone and skype use.

As with face to face sessions there will be agreed work for you to do between sessions.

Using webcam, internet and phone, I also work with people who have difficulty getting out of the house, for example, who have agoraphobia or live further afield. I work with people from the UK, USA and elsewhere in the world.

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