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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process that helps people move from where they are now to where they want to be. Sounds simple and in one way it is, most of the great inventions are. Life Coaching developed from psychotherapy in the 70’s and 80’s. In the USA, psychotherapists were getting requests for help from people who weren’t ‘ill’ in the clinical sense, but who wanted help with sorting out their life or aspects of their life, like business or relationships.

Consider for a moment. Do you run out of time? Do you find yourself struggling to balance what you want to do with what others expect of you? Do you have a brilliant idea that you would like to develop but do not know where or how to start? Do you worry what others think of you or lack the confidence to do things you would like to do?

Coaching can help you gain more confidence, become more fulfilled, help you stop belittling yourself and have less stress in your life.

Through the process of meetings, either face to face or via the telephone or web, we will work together to identify what it is you really want. Coaching sessions are confidential, non-judgemental, with no hidden agendas. They are focused on what you want. It can be a challenging process, as you are encouraged to explore what it is you really want to be, do or have.

Through the process of questioning, active listening and other techniques, such as visualisation, together we help you establish your goals, feel clearer about what you need to do to achieve them and then support you as you commit to taking the necessary action.

The process for individual coaching , executive coaching or team coaching will be similar, just with a different focus and, of course, the individual skills and experience that each brings to the partnership.

Change can take time, and it would be helpful to allow a minimum of 9 – 12 hours of coaching. Your progress is monitored and assessed and we will discuss how you are doing after every four coaching sessions.

The key thing to remember is that if you do want to make changes then coaching can help you get there faster and more effectively. If you do not invest in yourself who else will?

Coaching easily lends itself to distance support via telephone or skype phone 0790 573 5457 to arrange sessions or ask any questions you may have.

You might find it helpful to complete the Wheel of Life exercise. This encourages you to focus in on areas of your life that you might like to improve or develop further. 

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