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Self-confidence, Self-Esteem and Self Worth

I have grouped low self-confidence, low self-esteem and low self worth as they are closely linked.  If you do not value yourself, you are unlikely to be as confident as you might like to be.

If you think people are judging you or that they do not value ‘you’, you are likely to have low self-esteem. 

Confidence also comes from learning and gaining new skills and behaviours. You can be confident that you can learn something or do something but if you're just starting out learning how to do it you might lack confidence in your immediate skills.

We will work together to help you learn how you can value yourself (imperfections and all).  It is nice to get praise, love, attention from other people, but what matters is that you give yourself attention, love and praise.  We are often our own worst enemy, constantly putting ourselves down or listening to that negative 'gremlin' voice in our heads.

I worked with a young woman who had been in an abusive relationship, she had eventually left that partner and had resolved many of her issues, but she was now in a new relationship and she found herself falling back into old patterns of behaviour and did not want to do that. 

Over the five years of her old relationship, she had learned to respond and behave in certain ways to her partner of the time.  She now had to learn how to behave and respond in a new, more fulfilling, balanced way in her new relationship and part of this was to learn to trust and accept herself. 

We used a combination of CBH, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

You can get in touch via my Contact Page if you have any questions.  You will also find the following mp3's helpful: 

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