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Self Help Audios just £5.99 

am-audible-version-cds1.pngThe hypnosis and self help mp3's and cds available through this site have been specially written, recorded and produced by me.  They are based on my years of work with individual clients and are designed to help people make changes to how they think, feel and behave.  I hold consultations with clients in North Shields and Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you want help with:

There is something on this website for you and new products being added all the time.

The mp3's are for those people who are unable to come and work with me personally in North Shields or Newcastle or for those who prefer to work through things on their own. 


Please note that you will first need to download your mp3 to your computer and then transfer them to an iphone, ipad or other smart device.


Get the most from your Self Hypnosis Audio Mp3’s

To get maximum benefit from your self hypnosis audios and hypnosis downloads you will find it helpful to listen to them on a regular basis. Some of them you will need to listen to certain tracks for 14 to 21 times over the first few weeks, preferably once a day. Then listen to them as and when required if you need a top up. Some audios have specific listening requirements to help you get the most out of them.  Other courses are a step by step process that guide you through specific issues and changes.

Having an hypnosis mp3 downloaded to your pc, mp3 player or phone means that you are more easily able to play them and listen to them regularly. Please remember, do not drive or use machinery whilst listening to these products.  

As you read through the descriptions of each self help product, hopefully, you will find that you are starting to make connections and beginning to see how they can help you make the changes you want to make.

Below is a general introdution to all of the audio products:

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