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woman holding her head with stressStress is a symptom of anxiety. When someone feels anxious, they put themselves under pressure, which leads to physical and mental changes. 

Long-term exposure to the chemicals released by our body when we feel anxious can lead to symptoms such as hypertension and psychological problems. 

It is important to realise that you can learn to cope with stress and respond to situations in different ways.  If you reduce your anxious feelings your stress levels will change. 

We will not only work on the underlying unhealthy beliefs which are triggering your anxiety and stress but also teach you simple stress reduction techniques such as breathing and relaxation.


Apart from individual sessions with me which you can arrange by contacting me via the Contact form you may also want to buy the following mp3 audios:

Achieve Inner Calm

Be a Stress Survivor

Saying No Instead of Yes


Coping with Uncertainty


Here's a link to Ted-Ed talk and lesson. Let me know what you think.

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