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Weight Loss

choc-eater Lots of people want to lose weight and become slimmer. If you are overweight and have tried many diets but always put the weight back on again, then you may find hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy or BWRT® helpful.

For weight loss and weight reduction, we start by reviewing your current eating patterns. What foods you like to eat, portion size, speed of eating and so forth. Once we've established those we'll start to help you change those habits and your attitude to food. If there are any unhelpful beliefs and emotions linked to food we will also address those which can help you make the changes you want to make.

One little thing you can change right now is to stop thinking of it as losing weight and start to think of you reducing your weight. I know it's only words but just think what you are saying to yourself when you say you want to lose weight. When we lose something we normally want to find it again!!

Contact me for an appointment for help with changing your eating habits.

If seeing me for individual sessions isn't an option then try my self help audio programme.


Simply Weight Loss


If you want specific help for comfort, emotional or stress eating please view the Comfort Eating page.

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