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Wheel Of Life

Completing the Wheel of Life shows you where there are areas in your life that you might like to improve or develop further. It can give you a quick method to check how your life really is and also show the gaps you need to bridge to have life the way you truly want it to be. Be honest with yourself ? the only person you will be kidding is you.

Imagine how bumpy your Wheel of Life might look? What will the ride be like if this were a real wheel? What sounds would you hear when you go over the bumps in the road?

The eight sections of the Wheel of Life represent balance. Regarding the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge (With 0 the lowest and 10 highest). The new perimeter of the circle represents your Wheel of Life as it is at this moment.


Ask yourself these questions for each section which scores below 10
  • What do I want this part of my life to be like?
  • What changes will I need to make to have it the way I want it?
  • Who do I need to help me make these changes?
  • What resources do I need to help me make the changes I want to make to have life the way I want it to be?
  • What am I tolerating in my life?
  • What am I avoiding letting myself know about this part of my life that once I accept it will help me change?

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