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Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety and panic attacks can spoil your life. You are always worrying about things. Sometimes you aren't even sure why you are anxious you just know that you are. Living with these constant worrying thoughts is tiring and stops you from living your life.

NLP, CBH, BWRT® and hypnotherapy can be used to help with anxiety and panic.  The therapy will include working on the unhealthy negative belief, unhelpful thoughts and developing coping strategies and behaviours for the future.

Phone me on 0790 573 5457 for an appointment and for help with your anxiety and panic. 

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Stress is a symptom of anxiety. Long-term exposure to the chemicals released by our body when we feel anxious can lead to symptoms such as hypertension and psychological problems. 

We will not only work on the underlying unhealthy beliefs which are triggering your anxiety and stress but also teach you simple stress reduction techniques such as breathing and relaxation.

Individual sessions with me can be arranged by phoning 0790 573 5457.

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Low Mood & Helplessness

Feeling helpless and down is often linked to negative thoughts and feelings about the past and viewing the future as bleak and gloomy, CBH is particularly useful in dealing with these types of feelings and reactions. Though other therapies such as BWRT® are also helpful.

For help to manage your negative emotions and repetitive thoughts in more helpful and supportive ways phone 0790 573 5457 for an appointment.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a result of feeling anxious and stressed.  The gut and stomach are linked to our nervous system and react when we experience negative emotions.  If you think you have IBS symptoms you should go and see your GP as there may be physical reasons, even then hypnotherapy can help you manage your feelings in relation to the symptoms of IBS.

For appointments phone 0790 573 5457

You may find the mp3 - Manage Your IBS helpful, available from the online store.

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Phobias take many forms from fear of flying to fear of buttons to fear of vomit.  They usually appear irrational to the outsider and difficult to understand but to the person who has the phobia it can have a major impact on their life. 

There are a number of different techniques that can be used to help reduce the ‘fear’ response and change how you feel about the trigger of your phobia so that you no longer respond in that way. The NLP technique the Fast Phobia Cure, sometimes called the rewind technique, hypno-desensitisation, CBH or regression and BWRT® are used to help phobias.

For help with your phobia phone 0790 573 5457 for a face to face appointment. If you would prefer to work via web cam and skype contact me.

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Fear Of Speaking In Public

There are a number of different ways in which I can help with this issue, from teaching breathing and relaxation techniques to desensitisation, to mental preparation and rehearsal.  I might use CBH, NLP, BWRT® or hypnotherapy to help you feel comfortable and easier when speaking in front of others.

If you want to make an appointment with me phone 0790 573 5457.

You may benhefit from my Speak Confidently In Public mp3. This audio is designed to help you become more comfortable and calm when thinking about speaking in public as well as giving you help on aspects of speaking such as stance, breathing and pacing.

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Self-confidence and Self-esteem

If you think people are judging you or that they do not value ‘you’, you are likely to have low self-esteem or low self worth. 

We will work together to help you change how you value yourself.  It is nice to get praise, love, attention from other people, but what matters is that you give yourself attention, love and praise.  We are often our own worst enemy, constantly putting ourselves down.

To help you, we use will use a combination of CBH, NLP, Hypnotherapy and BWRT®.

Contact me on 0790 573 5457 and if you would like to work via telephone and skype.

You will also find the following mp3's helpful: Improving Self-esteem | Make Confident Decisions

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Weight Loss

For weight loss and weight reduction, we start by reviewing your current eating patterns. What foods you like to eat, portion size, speed of eating and so forth. Once we've established those we'll start to help you change those habits and your attitude to food. If there any unhelpful beliefs and emotions linked to food we will also address those to help you make the changes you want to make.

Phone 0790 5735457 for an appointment and learn how you can change your eating patterns for the better.  You might find my Simply Weight Loss MP3 helpful.

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Eating Issues

There are different types of eating issues, including binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help with these issues. 

We start by exploring the patterns of behaviours, thoughts and beliefs connected with the foods, then work from there to help develop a more varied diet. The work doesn't just take place when in the therapy room, there is work to do between sessions as you gradually build up to eating a wider range of foods, if that is the desired goal.


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Comfort Eating

Most people will turn to food to help themselves feel better. More often than not that reaction will be unconscious and will happen before they realise it. Sometimes though people realise they 'feel' bad or low or stressed and know that they just have to have some chocolate or sweets or crisps. If it only happens occasionally then that isn't likely to cause a problem. If, however, food is your first port of call when you experience these unpleasant thoughts or emotions and you are overweight then you might want some help.

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy helps to identify the underlying issues that are creating the uncomfortable 'feelings'. Those repetitive thoughts, unhelpful beliefs and negative emotions that keep the unhealthy habit, of comfort eating, in place.

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