Returning to 'normal'! 2021 and Beyond

This last year or so has been a difficult one for many people. For others, it has brought new opportunities. 

I don't know how you have been affected by it.

I do know that many of my clients are worrying about going back into the world and how they'll adjust having become used to working from home and little travel.

It reminded me of this photo I took (pre-covid) of British Astronaut Tim Peake's spacesuit and what it must have been like to adjust, not only to life on the space station but to readjusting to life on earth. One big difference is that he had been trained whereas we went into a strange new world without any training and were learning as we went.

Our brains don't cope well with uncertainty and new things, even if it's something we've chosen. When it's something new that we haven't experienced in any way before our brain almost goes into freeze mode and we can't think straight, find it difficult to make decisions, feel anxious. You see most of the time we spend our time on automatic pilot.

We do everyday things unconsciously. Because those routines are so embedded we don't need to waste brain energy working out what to do. However, in a new situation, particularly, if it is regarded as dangerous, AND if our brain can't find a reference from past events of dealing with something similar we can start to experience stress. We have to learn how to deal with this new situation and that takes up more energy.

If you have been worrying about how you are going to adjust. Or think that you haven't coped with this last year and a half as well as you 'should' have done, know that you have done as well as you could based on your life experiences to this moment in time.

You aren't Tim, you didn't have any training for something like this pandemic.

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