Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

IBS can have a physical reason, though often it is triggered and made worse by increased feelings of stress. The gut and stomach are linked to our nervous system and react when we experience upsetting emotions.

Hypnotherapy and other therapies have been found to be helpful for the management of IBS. Hypnotherapy is often prescribed by Gastroenterologists within the NHS as part of treatment.

Before seeking help from me it is important that you have had your IBS symptoms checked and investigated by your GP. If it is stress-related then many of the therapies I use can help reduce your stress response and manage your reactions to the physical aspects of IBS.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome needn’t rule your life.

Working one to one over a number of sessions can help you change how you view yourself as you learn to manage your IBS so it doesn’t control you.

You may find my Manage Your IBS mp3 of help.


“I was worried that my IBS might embarrass me when I was in hospital for my knee op, but I feel much calmer and more able to cope”
I.M. Retired

 “It felt like a whirlpool of panic, like a belt getting tighter and tighter around my tummy until I couldn’t breathe. I never knew if and when the attack would end.
The IBS was like a monster that overshadowed and controlled me and I would just sit, doubled over in pain, and cry … I felt like I could never be just ‘Danielle’, I was always ‘Danielle and her IBS.’ It controlled my every waking thought, there didn’t seem to be a free moment. IBS was ruining my life.

“If I think that I feel a twinge coming on now I literally take myself off upstairs, put on my ipod and do the counting and other exercises. Within seconds I feel more relaxed and the twinge passes. The spells pass in a blink whereas they used to last for days. The difference now is that I know I can get myself out of it.”

“At last I can be like everybody else.
It’s nice to feel normal again.”

Danielle Warren