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Contact me to arrange an initial chat

Before agreeing to work with you it's important that I have an idea of what you are seeking help for
and what you would like to achieve as a result of us working together.
Phone me on 0790 57 35457 or click below.
I work with clients, online, through Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone.

 "Any choices and decisions you make in life are, at that particular moment, the only choice or decision you could make, based on your life experiences to that point in time"

Anne Morrison
Therapist and Coach

Therapist, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Online therapy, BWRT

Find out more about the clients and issues I work with 

Most of my clients are referred to me by other, satisfied, clients.  As a result I help a wide range of people who want to change something about their life or how they think about themselves.

I've helped business women and men overcome fear of speaking in public, manage work-related pressure and stress or improve how they listen and communicate with colleagues. I've worked with young adults who have school anxiety or exam nerves or have been bullied. And I work with men and women who have experienced trauma in the past, which is still effecting them. You can find out more about the issues I work with by clicking here.

The techniques and therapies I use when working with clients include: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching and BWRT®. Find out more about them and other ways in which I work by clicking here.

I also have a range of MP3 downloads and longer audio courses to help with a number of different issues.
Click here to go to the MP3 and Courses page.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know I have cancelled my appointment with you on Monday 12 September.  Everything has been going really well and I don't feel like I need another appointment but I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me. I'm so pleased I came to see you and could not have imagined everything would turn out so positive so thank you very much.
Claire W
I wanted to find a holistic way of dealing with stress and anxiety without having to resort to medication.  Anne helped me learn relaxation methods which I used to deal with anxiety and depression in my life at the time and in stressful situations since then. She also helped me to understand the causes of my anxiety and reduce the symptoms that it produced with behavioural techniques. By applying the techniques she taught me I am able to reduce stress before it becomes a problem."
Sue H


"I discovered Anne a few years ago, she has helped me so much, I would definitely recommend her."



Testimonial From An Employer

 "Anne has been providing employee support for a number of years and I would certainly recommend her to other employers seeking to support staff well-being and private individuals seeking help with life or work-related issues." 

Joyce Taylor
Occupational Health, North Tyneside Council